11 Air-Cleaning Plants That Are Easy to Care For

Especially for those living in big and busy cities, air-purifying plants are essential at home. I, unfortunately, do not have green thumbs and used to manage to kill at least one specimen quarterly. Now I try to stick with more resilient plants that can survive under my care!

I have only a couple of these but plan to expand the collection in the future.

Added bonus – they are incredibly beautiful and Instagram worthy!

Besides being beautiful, having any of the plants below in your home may provide a variety of health benefits, including:

• Provide Cleaner Air

• Clear Congestion

• Natural Humidifier

• Prevent Allergies

• Increase Happiness

• Improve Mental Health

• Relieve Headaches

• Provide Inspiration

• Improve Sleep

• Negate Cigarette Smoke

• Reduce Carbon Dioxide

And here is my list of top 11 Air-purifying plants that are also absolutely beautiful

  1. Rubber Plant


  2. Devil’s Ivy


  3. Spider Plant


  4. Dwarf Date Palm

  5. Chinese Evergreen


  6. Dracaena


  7. Ficus/Weeping Fig


  8. Peace Lily


  9. Boston Fern

  10. Snake Plant/Mother-in-Law’s Tongue


  11. Aloe Vera



I hope you found this post helpful!

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6 thoughts on “11 Air-Cleaning Plants That Are Easy to Care For

  1. I have a brown thumb too!!! 😂 so far my snake plant has survived my neglect.

  2. This is a great idea for a post! I’ve been thinking about getting a devils ivy. I somehow managed to kill my aloe pant 💔 X

  3. I must say now my biggest issue with getting the plants to not die on me is long-term travel, especialy when it’s very hot weather 🙂

  4. Oh no! Don’t give up and try different plants until you find the one that will put up with you hahah x

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