Being Beautiful or A Thing of Beauty

“If the world was blind how many people would you impress?” Boonaa Mohammed

What an excellent question. We live in a world that applauds external beauty. After all, when there’s a thing of beauty we stop and notice.

We are all drawn to the outside beauty… at least for a moment. And so we spend crazy amounts of time to achieve beauty. Myself included. I stress over every flaw just as many of you probably do… We put tremendous emphasis on exterior beauty.

The irony is that irrespective of what proportion of effort we put into achieving beauty, it’ll always fade. However, “beautiful” is something that goes on forever. Real beauty doesn’t fade because it isn’t based on looks in the least. We have all met people who have tremendous beauty on the outside, yet who don’t fit the outline of “Beautiful” because ultimately beautiful has nothing to do with a person’s looks.

“That which is striking and beautiful is not always good, but that which is good is always beautiful.” Ninon de L’Enclos

“Beautiful” is all about how you’re as a person and how you make others feel about themselves. It’s something that radiates outwards from the within. You don’t need to buy the expensive products, treatments or put yourself through excruciating regimes and diets. In fact, achieving beautiful doesn’t cost any money or require you to not eat for a week.

When you see a really beautiful person you recognize it, this glow of happiness. Their eyes sparkle. They smile. They’re generous and kind and loving. They’re giving of their time and skills to help others. They lift others up. They need integrity. They need character. They’re unaware of their looks. They light a space once they enter it. They’re optimistic and see the great around them. They’re grateful.  And despite their age, their size, or outfit, they’re unquestionably beautiful 100% of the time. Who wouldn’t want that??

Yet, do we put the maximum amount effort into being beautiful as we do in trying to become a thing of beauty?



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