13 Essential Crystals For Travelling

While travelling can be a mind-expanding experience, fun and brilliant way to create memories to remember for years, that doesn’t mean it’s stress-free.

Any journey can render difficult by busy airports, delays, unexpected incidents and anxiety about your safety, flying or feel outside your comfort zone. Everyone has their ways of dealing with travel-related worries.

Crystals can be your perfect companion during your adventures, discoveries of new places and meeting new people. Crystals can promote safe and enjoyable travel. Believe it or not, taking a few with you can’t hurt! There are some crystals and gemstones that are particularly recommended to take with you on a trip to help keep us safe, protect our energy and keep us centred.

  1. Moonstone –  The “traveller’s stone” has a long reputation to be a talisman for travellers. This all-around good luck stone is known to help you get into a good sleep schedule and give relief from jet lag. Moonstone is believed to bring good luck and protection, especially for those heading over water and during nighttime travel, calm your nerves and help you to stay calm. It can sooth motion sickness and can ease being homesick when away for long periods. 
  2. Amethyst – one of the most traditional and ancient stones used for protection. It repels negative energies and gives you protection while travelling, especially from thieves. Its soothing energy can reduce anxiety, keep you calm and relaxed, helping to ensure that your journey is peaceful. 
  3. Malachite – the Guardian Stone for Travellers and is an amazing stone for protection of all kind. It helps with the fear of flying and can help lessen the impact of vertigo. It is said to prevent all kinds of accidents. It is said that if it starts to crumble, the danger is imminent, and is considered a great warning stone. 
  4. Howlite – is said to be a dominant guardian stone. It can help ease an anxious or clouded mind and relax a tensed body. Its soothing energy may help to calm fits of anger and bad temper of not only the person carrying it but also of people around. 
  5. Aquamarine – is said to be a good luck charm for all who travel by, over or near waters and was used since ancient times by sailors. It is also a great help assist in calming tensions and stresses caused by travel and is even supposed to help with seasickness. 
  6. Shungite – helps you stay grounded and feeling centred. Shungite is also called a digital detoxing crystal as it offers energetic protection shield against electromagnetic fields emitted by electronic devices 
  7. Yellow Jasper – is a talisman for protection when travelling both physically or spiritually. It can help ease motion sickness, reduces anxiety in an unfamiliar location. It is a traveller’s assistant stone, helping you to stay grounded, give a welcome boost to your confidence levels, enhance mental clarity and positive energy while the world is moving by.crystals-pinterest


  8. Smokey Quartz – protects during travel. Powerful stone to transform negative energies into positive energies. Smoky quartz brings a calming sense of awareness, can boost intuition and keeps you alert with new people in unfamiliar surroundings and protects from the chaotic and crazy energies of other travellers. It’s very protective of those on-the-go and keeps you safe while you’re en route in moving vehicles. 
  9. Black Tourmaline – is one of the strongest protection crystals. It works as a shield against negative energies and is very helpful in releasing fears. Black tourmaline promotes a more positive and relaxed approach when travelling and provide reassurance to it wearer/bearer. 
  10. Tiger’s Eye – can keep you grounded whilst promoting courage for exploring new places. This gemstone also releases fear, provides an overall sense of mindfulness and aids in protection against negative energies. It is very grounding and promotes patience. 
  11. Rose quartz – known for its loving properties, it can help you tune into the best version you can be, enhance positivity in various situations, reduce homesickness and may even protect against accidents. 
  12. Lemurian Quartz – is great to help you keep your patience, slow down and enjoy the moment. It brings multi-level healing in your body, heart, mind, and spirit. It has a powerful, soothing, and gentle energy that gives you clarity. 
  13. Garnet – Like moonstone, garnet is also known as a traveller’s stone. Used to ensure a safe return back home and is said to be protective against accidents.


Which ones would you choose?


Airplane Essentials: 12 Items to Make Your Trip More Enjoyable

Travel can be exhausting and packing a few essentials to make it more enjoyable and provide a little bit of comfort can make it so much more enjoyable. Everyone that travels a lot have a sort of check list while they prepare for a trip. Mine is below and I do hope you find it usefull:

1 Travel Pillow 
I use this inflatable one which is a real lifesaver. It also is so easy to fit into your carry-on and to keep it clean – you can remove the outer layer and wash it after each trip.

2.  A collapsable water bottle
Hydration, hydration, hydration!

3.  Antibacterial wipes
One of the most usefll things ever  – always good to keep it around!

4. A Travel Organiser
Keep all the important documents safe and in one compact place

5. A Sleep Kit
Travel can be exhausting and while you are flying it’s great to have a good rest and be fresh to carry on

6. A Lip Balm
The dry cabin air is hard for your skin, have a good moisturing lip balm with you to keep you lips nourished.

7. Some Entertainment
I always have a good book to help me pass the time. Amazon kindle is a great solution where you can keep a bunch of the book and read the one that takes your fancy.

8. A portable battery charger
I tried so many of portable chargers until I found this one – your phone will never die on you again!

9. A pair of soft, thick socks
A cosy pair of socks really, really makes plane travel soo much more comfortable

10. A toothbrush and toothpaste / mint or gum
Nothing than a bad breath, right?

11. Vitamin C
Keep your immune system strong, especially on holidays!

12. Scarf
Cabins might get very cold and a soft cosy scarf will keep you warm and happy you brought it on board


Do you have any other essentials you take with you while you travel?