Home Office Interior Inspo

Creating an oasis for work in your home is essential. Working in inspiring surroundings and aesthetics will influence your productivity and creativity, therefore don’t overlook this space in your home when decorating.

Take look at some of the fantastic examples I found on Pinterest below. As always, more on my Pinterest Page!



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Which one is your favourite?


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Interior Inspo | Marble Walls

Marble craze is here for a while now and I don’t believe it’s going away anytime soon! This one of the most luxurious interior materials is timeless. Take look at some of the fantastic marble effect walls in the pictures below – love!


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Which one is your favourite?


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Beach, Please: 45 Great Beach Towel Designs

Can you believe that half of the summer is gone?

As I am typing this from the very sunny, very hot Sardinia, it’s so hard to believe!

My holiday will be over in a couple of days (aarrghh) but I do hope to fit in a quick getaway there and there by the end of summer. And what’s best when you are chilling on the beach? A very cool beachwear!


This season, besides all of the swimsuits (5 to be precise, hehe), I’ve found myself excited about.. beach towels! Not your regular chain store ones you’d mindlessly pick up before a seaside visit. No, I mean an inspired design to wrap yourself in, which you know will stand out.

Check these designs below from Society6, a home to thousands of artists from around the world selling their original work as fine art prints, apparel, and yes, beach towels.

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0004   0002

0010   0019

0015   0007

0009   0045



0024   0044

0037   0012

0022   0039

0006   0013

0021   0036

0017   0023

0029   0014



0008   0033

0043   0025

0020   0030


0028   0005

0016   0038

0031   0034

0040   0032

0042   0041

0026   0035

Which one is your favorite?


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One Year Blogiversary | Giveaway

I can’t believe how fast time flies!

It seems only yesterday I sat down and wrote the first post…

Reflecting on the past year, I am most grateful to all you who took a chance on me (and my blog) and decided to become a follower.

To celebrate this blogiversary, I decided to do a little giveaway. The entry is simple: you have to be a follower of Hewnly via wordpress.com or BlogLovin’ (both new & current followers qualify!) and you also need to comment in the comment section below.


Your prize is this gorgeous coffee table book “Beautiful World”

The giveaway will close at noon Greenwich time next Friday, 7th April 2017. At this time I can only ship within UK.

I will use a randomizer to pick a winner and I will announce the lucky person here in this blog post so stay tuned!

The winner will have 48 hours to respond via Twitter or email before another winner is chosen.

Good luck everybody!


Friday, 7th April 2017 Winner Update.

Thank you all who followed and liked this post but
could not enter due to shipping limitation.
There is no winner this time but I will make sure to do a better
shipping option so everyone would be able to enter!

Lot’s of kisses,

Monday Inspo: Interiors | Artwork

Happy New Year everybody!

Initially, I have planned my first post of the year to be a list of the most inspiring quotes to motivate myself (and you my dears!) but I couldn’t make myself to finish it. As I was researching for inspiration I found myself in the artsy part of Pinterest and then I thought to myself – art is what I want to share with you in my first post this year.

Isn’t it wonderful how a piece of art can complement and personalize your space?

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As you may have already noticed that when it comes to interiors I tend to go for more Scandinavian, modern and monochromatic look.

What about you? Share in the comments below!


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