How to Care for Plants While You are on Holiday

Every time I go away for a longer time, I used to wonder and worry – will my plants survive? I am an expat and am in a relationship with one too, meaning, I travel quite a lot between our home-countries as well as new places we decide to visit. So how do I care for my greenery at home whilst I am away?

  1.  Move them away from direct sunlight
  2. Watering, pretty much summed up in this video below, and believe me, it works like a charm!

Pretty easy, no? Now it even surprises me to think it used to be one of the things to stress me out while getting ready for vacations!

YOu can take it a step further and create/buy pretty container for water and keep the watering system all the time – saving your valuable time and minimizing the need to manually water your plants!

I hope it helps you as much as it helped me! If you have any other suggestions please do share in the comments below!



Home Office Interior Inspo

Creating an oasis for work in your home is essential. Working in inspiring surroundings and aesthetics will influence your productivity and creativity, therefore don’t overlook this space in your home when decorating.

Take look at some of the fantastic examples I found on Pinterest below. As always, more on my Pinterest Page!



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Which one is your favourite?


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Home Wellness Items That Will Make You Zen

The design of your home seriously affects your state of mind, and, in turn, your health. Stress — linked to weight gain, depression, and more — is the enemy of good health.It makes sense to start creating a calming oasis at home and here are a few home wellness items that will help you do that.

1    Clean Air Plants


2    Soothing Scent Candle


3   Zen Sand Garden


4    Relaxation Fountain

5    Himalayan Salt Lamp

6    Succulent Terrarium


7   Amethyst Crystal Paperweight



10 Gift Ideas for People that Love Crystals

1.  Crystal Necklace


2.  Crystal Water Bottle


3.  Quartz Crystal Mobile

4.  Amazonite Crystal Candle


5.  Rose Quartz Astrology Set


6.   Rose Quartz Crystal Bookends


7.  Zaire Agate Cheese Board


8.   Pyrite Crystal Cluster


9.   Clear Quartz Crystal Agate Coasters


10.   Shemana Crystal Clear Mist




Obsessions | Crystals

Love. Crystals are on the rise in popularity at the moment and many are trying them out.

Personally, I am still learning about them and plan to create a beautiful collection for my home – beauty and function! If you would like to read more about crystals, there is plenty written about these beauties and I would be glad to recommend a couple of articles if you would just let me know in the comments below.

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